About Me and About This

So first off, a little about me: I’m a Research Consultant. For those of you who are unfamiliar, it means that I get paid to learn. No really–my job is to join a project, go out and learn everything I need to, and then package it nicely so that it may be used effectively. And, some of the ways I’ve done this include:

Researching the human rights abuses committed against women and children during the Liberian civil war, as well as the subsequent justice process, for the former Ambassador to Liberia.

Working with the former UK Special Representative to the Sudan on a chronology of the Sudanese conflict, as well as pulling together materials for an undergraduate course on conflict resolution.

And, most recently, analyzing the various policy responses to inflammatory speech in the media as a way to prevent incitement to violence.

See? It’s really a great job.

Still, as much fun as it is joining other people’s projects, it’s occasionally nice to do my own research. That’s where this blog comes in. With my BA in Studies in World Literatures (French minor, Africana studies concentration) and MA in International Relations/Diplomacy (International Law & Human Rights/Africa specializations), I’m trying to find the intersection between art (and now media) and politics. And, I’m doing it the best way I know how: Research.

Basically this blog is where I’m going to write about of all of the things I’m researching, reading, and even just thinking about in this process. Or, I guess you could say it’s my way of using media to construct my personal research identity. Either way, I hope you enjoy.


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