Saving the world with Dizzy Gillespie

Now, I usually try to keep this is a separate space from work-related things, but I just wrote an article on the films for the Institute that got picked up by NPR’s music blog. So, with all of that, I thought it would be a good time to share some of what I’m doing when I’m not here. And, hey–what’s a blog for, if not shameless self-promotion?

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m working as a Research Consultant. And, if you couldn’t guess, I’m currently working on a project with the World Policy Institute (WPI). The Institute is all about searching for creative solutions to global issues, introducing new perspectives, and bringing policy outside the confines of DC. This has been their approach for the past 50 years, and this is how I came across their collaborations with Gillespie, and John and Faith Hubley.

The Institute commissioned both “The Hat” (1963) and “Voyage to Next” (1974), as part of their disarmament programs, and former WPI President, Saul Mendlovitz even wrote parts of the films. So, now–in the off chance that I haven’t convinced you of how cool everything I’m writing about actually is–let me hand things over to Dizzy, WPI, and the Hubleys.

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